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Employing people as a business can be problematic but nothing compared to employing some one o look after your children or to clean the house. In the UK over 200,000 European and non Europeans are employed casually as childminders and housekeepers and the numbers are rising as Mums find themselves being forced back to work to keep households running.

More stay-at-home mothers have gone back into employment in the past two years than in the previous 15 years (2013-2014) combined, an official UK study suggests, in the wake of new Government reforms blamed for undermining traditional families (Surge in stay-at-home mothers forced into workplace - Telegraph).

Unskilled labour from EU countries are filling the vacuum but are causing problems of reliability and language. Women returning to work in such numbers is changing the set up of the average UK household with over 41% now employing part time domestic cleaners to do the chores that the simple is not the time to do.